It is more difficult to hire Chinese staff three years ago because of rising Chinese wages. It gets harder since June 2013 with the new Chinese President Xi cracking down on corrupt Chinese government officials. Chinese employees now know that they have the advantage over their employees. It used to be government officials were on the side of employers. Now these officials prefer to sit on the fence when it comes to making a decision on rightful or wrongful dismissal of a Chinese employee.

No government wants to take the risks of offending aggrieved Chinese employees because of the Weibo Twitter-like instrument which can turn up some ugly skeletons of the officials, resulting in a “corrupt practices investigation” of their past non-government activities.

So many of our US customers feel that having no Chinese staff, or a few skeleton Chinese staff or no management office in China is a good idea of managing their buying.  So unless, you are Walmart, there is no benefit to be gained from having a China office which you may want to shut down in 1-2 years. Shutting down is a bad option. Using BuyINSPECT to handle the supplier quality issues, managing production control and using it’s employees is a sensible option with no conflict of interest with employees and the Chinese officials.

BuyINSPECT is adding Chinese employees simply because we are adding more customers in 2013 because of this new Customer Needs……..

Extracted from conversations with BuyINSPECT customers.