BuyINSPECT operates where your most important suppliers are located. Manufacturing suppliers are constantly moving factories to where lower costs justify their production costs. BuyINSPECT operations are located in these countries: 

  • In China, with our key operations along the coastal industrial and commercial cities of Shenzhen; Guangzhou; Xiamen; Shanghai; Qingdao; Ningbo; Suzhou; Fuzhou; and Tianjin.
  • In Mexico, in the main industrial border cities of Tijuana; Mexicali; Nogales; Juarez; Matamoros; Brownsville; and the main industrial, automotive, commercial cities of Guadalajara; Monterrey; Chihuahua; Toluca; Tecate: El Saito and Saltillo.
  • In India, in the main cities of Chennai; Mumbai; and Ahmedabad
  • In South East and East Asia, in the industrial cities of Thailand, Philippines; Vietnam; Malaysia; Indonesia; Singapore; Taiwan and South Korea.

Our main Customer Service office is in the USA.

Our main Operational Center is in China at BaoAnn, Shenzhen.