How to Manage Supplier Quality Control and Finished Product Quality inside China, in Mexico or in Malaysia? Risks Management with Quality Risks Control or Risks Betting with Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Our Services

The further your suppliers are away from you, the greater is your risk of managing your costs of production and costs of sale. There are the logistic costs; the management of culture costs; the costs of coordination; the cost of managing people; the costs of travel and more.

Risks Management = Costs Management.

The greater the number of Suppliers, the wider the dispersion of your suppliers, the higher are your Risks and Costs Managements.

At BuyINSPECT we know these costs well. Investment in our Quality Control Services is a low cost investment on minimizing high risks and cost management.

With our supplier quality control services we provide you with experienced people to factory audit your potential suppliers before selection; implement continuous QC checks on your suppliers’ products in production; provide immediate feedback and alerts on suppliers’ production and corrective actions and even more.

Quality Control of supply and suppliers is not just doing final inspection, during production inspection and applying simple QC tools. Quality Control in China is about knowing how your Chinese suppliers operate. Quality Control in Mexico is about knowing the Mexican “manyana” thinking and its effect on quality management.

To manage Quality you have to know the people who make Quality in the Product you buy.

BuyINSPECT provides you the Quality Control Services to Manage Quality on an On Call and On Demand basis on your suppliers as and when you need the Control and Management of Supplier Control.

We provide you Cost Effective savings on Cost and Investment in outsourcing management.

Our current Customers’ immediate Needs from our Services are:

  • Apply Supplier Corrective Actions on repeated quality defects on finished products.
  • Carry out Factory Audits on main supplier’s sub-suppliers providing manufacturing components and materials.
  • Random selective inspection of finished lots crated for shipment which involves unpacking and un-boxing for export surprises.
  • Secured Sorting and separation of defective lots from finished lots from Suppliers’ musical chairs game of packing and delivery.
  • Failure Mode and safety testing for compliance to required USA FDA regulations.
  • Anti-corruptive counter-inspecting on lots inspected and approved by Customer’s local staff.

BuyINSPECT standard Quality Control Services:

  • Factory Audits.
  • In Production line production inspection.
  • Processes audits and line production audits.
  • Random final inspection at the end of line production.
  • Sort and Containment of detective quality products for rework.
  • Train and implement corrective actions applications to suppliers’ staff for customer’s product quality enhancements.
  • Surprise final Pre-shipment Inspection on selected lots.