Our Specialisations

Managing Outsourcing through Quality Control and Inspections in China and Asia for small retail stores is our focused specialisations.

It is easy to check for quality on a single supplier. It is very challenging to check on a multiple number of suppliers from different locations, different products, different packaging and different delivery dates. Your supply chain becomes more stretched, the supply timing becomes uncertain and the delivery locations vary.

Assigning quality inspectors, coordinating with your suppliers and arranging for deliveries requires planning and scheduling. Not every US retail stores are like Home Depot and Wal-Mart with large volume purchasing and the money to have a full staffed International Purchasing Office inside China to do quality control and export processing with the suppliers.

What are your Options? Hire a few Chinese staff? Staff management in China is a big issue because of the ever changing Chinese labor laws. Managed your Chinese or Asian staff with anti-corruption barriers?

Some major US companies have wound up their own Chinese offices and disbanded their staff in China and Mexico. Now BuyINSPECT is responsible for their suppliers’ quality and deliveries.



Simply because BuyINSPECT’s business is to inspect what you buy. This is our business specialisation. For us, there is no conflict of interests between quality control and purchasing control. You control the purchasing. We manage suppliers’, supply quality issues and quality control.

Our permanent staff is very clear on what they are employed and trained for. Your Suppliers are very clear on what their mission is.

  • To inspect the final product quality
  • To detect quality issues through line inspection
  • To sort out and contain defects prior to packaging and container boxing.
  • To provide feedback on the suppliers production schedule and delivery

When the work is clear for the inspectors, the rule on corruptive practices and penalties are also very clear cut to them.

Some products we are good at quality controlling in China and India. Some products are better QC by others.

Our specialisations
What are you Buying? What do you want Inspect? Home Depot, Lowe, Menard sell every kind of hardware which they think a home maker or contractor needs. They store items from nuts and bolts to electric saws, to timber and even more. Wal-Mart sells everything from food stuff, to clothes, to electronics. There are so many SKUs to inspect for quality. So they need big China offices to manage these. Apple designed and sells a few telephone and computer products. These have hundreds of components’ SKUs. Specialisation is about focusing our skills and work on products we know best. BuyINSPECT is good at electronics products, components, electronic toys, consumer appliances, commercial appliances, mechanical and electrical parts and aftermarket auto parts. We know mechanical hardware and lightings. We do supplier audits, process inspections, line and final product inspections on these. We specialise in these.We do not work on soft toys, clothing and bedroom linen. We think there are other inspection companies which does this work better.To know more on what we can or cannot work on Contact us at +1 415 944 8189 Or email us