Production Control

Final inspection is inspecting at the end of line production. It is selective finished product inspection  of a finished lot on a preferred AQL basis.

You catch the defects after the defects have been created in the
production process before grouping them into finished lots.

Are you saving more or less?

There is a saying by smart farmers. “You do not close the doors after the horses have run out of the stables”

In Process Inspection, during Production catches the production problems before it becomes a finished product.  You save time, money and avoid bad surprises.

Random Inspection, is selective product inspection. It is inspecting after the finished products have  been grouped together in production lots, packaged and boxed up. There are always surprises in random inspection because it is last minute inspection.

Product Control, is about inspecting products in production and applying the right tools on your purchases.

At BuyINSPECT, we think that quality control is better done on Production In-Progress. It prevents  production delays, product sorting and containment and final inspection costs.

When you want inspections we want to know:

  • What you are buying?
  • What is the production volume?
  • What kind of standards?
  • How it is packaged?
  • Who is the supplier and quality ranking?
  • What is the supplier’s production schedule?

There is always the right way to do QC work in Procurement Risks Management.

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