Welcome to BuyINSPECT Quality Inspection Services in China, Mexico, and Asia Wide

When you Buy, you must Inspect for Quality.

We provide you the quality management tools to manage, control and process your buying and production arrangements with your suppliers in China, Mexico, and India or in Indonesia.

Your Buyers need pre-shipment quality control inspections support. We provide you quality control inspectors in China for final and random quality inspections. Or Production Control quality processes inspectors to manage in-production line inspections for end of line finished and assembled products final random inspections before packaging.

We can create a working Total Supply Management (TSM) solution for your multi-layered network of suppliers in your supply chain.

BuyINSPECT TSM is about coordinating your suppliers’ management of procurement quality, conformance to purchase order and design specifications.

  • Co-ordinates supplier production schedule.
  • Supervise a Supplier’s Quality Inspections Plan.
  • Inspect for Supplier’s conformance to Purchase Orders‘ Quality and Design specifications.
  • Provides data feedback on Suppliers’ manufacturing plans and production schedules.

Procurement Mentality verses Quality Mentality

Controlling Suppliers’ Hidden Surprises and Not Reacting with emergency solutions to suppliers’ production problems is the best Strategic Supply Management. Find out more on our customers’ experiences.

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“ Strategic Supply Management from Buyinspect is about Buying and Paying for Value”.

At BuyINSPECT we work with some of the best in US and European retailing stores with buyers who understand the trade-off between low cost and quality control management.

We provide the follow up monitoring and inspection of production cost and quality control management.

There are always flaws in production and design. We know that some designs flaws are customers’ generated and some are production created. BuyINSPECT bridges a remedial solution with process and quality inspectors to provide quality and production feedback to both parties.

BuyINSPECT Invents Quality Problems Resolutions in China